About Us

About PowerTech Antennas

PowerTech Antennas is a leading brand of antenna solutions under the umbrella of AG Antenna Group. PowerTech offers innovative designs, quality manufacturing, and reliable performance.  The PowerTech line includes an extensive array of mobile, portable, and fixed site antennas. We also offer custom cabling and custom design products for specialized applications.  

The PowerTech Antenna program provides industry leading pre-sales support, application resources, and expert guidance on antenna use.  As an active partner to create end-to-end mobility and connectivity solutions, we show our customers ways to make each wireless product better, more reliable, and cost-effective.  The centerpiece of our program is our resource rich website which includes an interactive antenna builder application – the first such solution of its kind in the industry.  Our antenna builder application is designed to ensure customers find the correct antenna quickly – and that’s it’s done right the first time.  

The PowerTech Antenna Solutions focus on mobility and stationary M2M IoT connectivity allowing customers to work with a single provider to build out end-to-end solutions around PowerTech Antennas.

About AG Antenna Group

AG Antenna Group’s global headquarters, which includes design, assembly, and warehousing, is located in Cincinati – with additional locations in Illinois and Michigan.  The founders of AG Antenna group have been manufacturing antennas for over 20 years.  AG’s strong manufacturing alliances provide flexible manufacturing capabilities and production controls to ensure that antennas are delivered on time and to specification.

AG Antenna Group customers include both small, specialized manufacturers as well as major players in the wireless industry. AG Antenna Group has the plant capacity and the staffing flexibility to meet production volumes as required.

AG Antenna Group has the facilities and the experience to take a project from initial conception through to final production. A comprehensive testing program allows us to test and verify that our antennas meet or exceed design specifications.